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In conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), we have been working on establishing officially designated hiking trails in the Juniper Flats area.  Friends of Juniper Flats has been working toward this goal for several years and we are now seeing progess in reaching this goal.  For more details about this project, please click here .

Proposal - To view our proposal, please click here .

We request your support AND action.  On March 16, 2018, the BLM released a new Western Mojave Route Network Project draft plan (WMRNP) with four alternatives.  Alternative 4 (Alt. 4), their "preferred" alternative, includes prospective routes dedicated to hiking trails (a.k.a. "non-motorized / non-mechanized" routes) many of which are in Juniper Flats.  The release started a 90-day public comment period regarding the new draft plan and it ends on June 14, 2018.

We urge you to participate in the public comment period in support of hiking trails in Juniper Flats.  You can do this in a few different ways, via (1) the BLM "Public Comments" form, (2) BLM's interactive online map, or (3) email your comments to [email protected] 

If you would like to use the Public Comments form, you can view and download it by clicking the following "Download" button.  If you wish to comment on a specific route, please be sure to include specifics (such as the route number) so that BLM can identify the route.  Route numbers can be found on the interactive online map. 

To view the interactive online map and see the proposed hiking trails, click on the following link button and follow the instructions below the link button:



1.  You'll see an online map page that looks like this:


You can grap the line above the text and pull it down so you can see more of the map.​

2.  Keep zooming into the "West Mojave" outlined area until you find Juniper Flats.  Each time you zoom in a little more, it can take several seconds for the map to reload so be patient.  You should now see a map that looks like this:

3.  Click on the Layers icon in the upper left of the screen.  It is the icon that looks like three stacks of paper.  A dialog box will open.  Click on Alternative 4, and click off Alternatives 1, 2 and 3.  Your map should now look like this with purple-colored routes or paths.  These are the proposed hiking trails.  Close the dialog box.

4. Click on a purple line trail you would like to comment on and a dialog box will open.  It should look like this:

5.  Click on the "Submit Comment" link within the dialog box and you will be taken to the Comment Email Form which looks like this:



Once you enter your comments, click on the Submit button at the bottom.

If you prefer to view the BLM page on this topic, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser:

There are various other hikes and activities in the High Desert and neighboring mountains sponsored by organizations NOT affiliated with Friends of Juniper Flats.  Some examples that you might like to check out are:

Transition Habitat Conservancy

Mojave Desert Land Trust​

California Turtle & Tortoise Club - High Desert

​​ High Desert Scoop - (information about the High Desert nature areas)

While these organizations are not affiliated with Friends of Juniper Flats, and we have no responsibility for their activities, you might like to check them out for further enhancement of your conservation interest in the Mojave Desert and surrounding mountain areas.