Green, Brown

sage brush plant
SAGEBRUSH, BIG - Artemisia  tridentata/Compositae family.  This aromatic, rounded evergreen shrub blooms  in August to October and grows up to 3  meters high above 4,000 feet of elevation.  The seeds were parched and ground into flour.  The leaves were used to make a bitter tea to use as a treatment for sore eyes and colds, as a hair tonic and to alleviate stomach disorders.  The fragrance of the wood makes it a popular barbeque wood.   Sagebrush provides a favorite nesting site for Gray Vireo, Black-throated Sparrow, California Sage Sparrow, and Costa’s Hummingbird.  Mule deer eat the foliage and rodents eat the seeds. 
silver cholla cactus
CHOLLA, SILVER - Opuntia  echinocarpa, Cactaceae/Cactus family.  The name of this cactus, usually found below 6,000 ft., comes from the silvery  spines.  When a joint falls off it may start a  new plant, or it could be used by a packrat  to protect the entrance of its nest from  predators.   The greenish-yellow flowers, which usually bloom in April and May, are formed on branch tips.  A fruit is produced but seldom reaches maturity and are often found in the debris around the plant.