Pink, Rose, Magenta

beavertail cactus
BEAVERTAIL CACTUS - Opuntia  basilaris, Cactaceae/cactus family.  The flat greenish purple pads of this cactus may look spineless, but they are covered with tiny bristles that are very difficult to remove from the skin.  Despite this, Native Americans ate the flowers, fruits, seeds and pads.  Young fruits were gathered in the morning when the bristles were wet or rubbed in the sand to remove the tiny spines.  Rodents like to eat the seeds and chew the pads. Sheep and deer browse on them and birds like to feed on the fruit.  General bloom season is March through June.
hedgehog cactus
HEDGEHOG CACTUS - Echinocereus  engelmannii, Cactaceae/Cactus family.  The spectacular flowers of the hedgehog cactus vary from lavender to magenta, with a green stigma in the center. Blooms occur in April and May, and may be as much as three inches wide. The fruits are edible and sugary sweet.