BLM Restoration Workshops

The Juniper Flats Restoration Project works to restore unauthorized trails and educate the public about responsible recreation.  Members of the Friends of Juniper Flats volunteer their time assisting the BLM with the restoration work.  The goal of the restoration work is to restore unauthorized off-road trails to as close to a natural state as possible.

​As an example, BLM staff and FOJF volunteers worked on a restoration site on April 8, 2017 just north of route JF3355 (an authorized OHV trail), an area where illegal incursions had occured, creating an unsightly path and destroyed natural vegetation.  The below-left photo shows the path prior to the restoration work, and the below-right photo shows the same area after restoration work.

​The below photo shows the same restored area but also shows part of the authorized path just to the left of the JF3355 route sign.  In addition to the visual restoration, we also planted seeds of a couple of plants indigenous to the area.